QIMMEQ - The Greenland Sled Dog is a tribute in text and striking images to a unique dog breed and the Inuit culture surrounding it. The book combines results from scientific studies with traditional knowledge of the dog in an aesthetically beautiful expression. The book is richly illustrated by award-winning photographer Carsten Egevang’s black and white photos. In an intriguing layout, the sled dog is portrayed, the special bond between musher and the sled dogs as well as the dog’s functions in today’s Greenland is documented - all with the magnificent Greenlandic scenery as background.

Haze and Finn are original names of sled dogs, those that roam the endless ice plains of the Arctic and make life there even more unique than it already is. As a brand we refer to the authentic values of life on the Arctic: Inner Beauty, Belonging and Survival.

Climate change is threatening this way of life visually captured by Carsten, which has caused our focus and resources to be shifted towards preserving the Arctic and all that makes it so special. With Carsten bringing awareness to the matter and doing everything in his power to avoid a “what once was” story, supporting him on his journey in 2021 made complete sense.

To give you the opportunity to do the same, his last book is now for sale on his website: https://www.carstenegevang.com/qimmeqbook. All proceeds will be going straight to the project documenting the sled dog and Inuit traditional lifestyle. You will be receiving the book signed by Carsten himself, along with a H&F tee.